My work is informed by Nature and landscape and my thrown porcelain vessels celebrate the complexions of the seasons with blocks of intense glaze colour and precious metal leaf. I use strips and drips of lustre to create an added visual and tactile dimension and play with ideas of tension by cutting the rims and ‘stitching’ them with leather.

Sculptural pieces focus on the rugged and imperfect elements of the natural world. My bark sculptures are inspired by the Silver Birch tree and reflect the distortions caused by ageing on its pure white surface - as the outer layers peel away its texture becomes gnarled and broken. These forms are hand-built by pulling and stretching porcelain clay until it wrinkles and cracks. I use black slip to emphasise the fissured, pitted exterior and metallic glaze to highlight its dark interior. Drips of bright red glaze hint at traumas endured.

I have a Master's Degree in Ceramics 

(University for the Creative Arts, Farnham)

photographs by kind permission: